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Jobs in Romania

We are often contacted to help find chefs for positions in Romania, although this is not our main activity, we are happy to help our fellow colleagues and we want to establish the role as a Chef on the Romanian market as a Professional career which is open to all and with the right attitude and commitment can led to a very successful future. Please read on to find our list of local vacancies.

Salary Checker

Click here for a guide for Chefs Jobs salaries. If you are the right person for the job - and the job is right for you - salaries can always be negotiable. Learn more

Kitchen Survival

Walking into a new kitchen for the first time can be an extremely scary thing. Each professional kitchen has its own culture and way of doing things.
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15 Cooking Tips

There’s an expression used to define what goes on behind-the-scenes in a restaurant kitchen - “choreographed chaos”.
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